Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happiness & Desires

"Happiness is inversely related to desires. If you have zero desires, your happiness will have a quantum jump & it will become infinite" - Kamlesh D Patel

How do we destroy our conditions and our humanity? It is mentioned in Gita: that when desires are not fulfilled there is disappointment. Disappointment leads to anger, anger makes you lose your balance, your mental equilibrium, you are destroyed and you lose your humanness. 
    Whatever we do or even think, or even will through our heart there are two consequences. Either the results are favorable or not favorable. When the result are favorable we are at peace, we have no other anxiety afterwards. We are at absolute peace when our action is fulfilled as per our expectation. When the results of the actions are against us, we are disturbed.
     Now when these things are handled properly and when things go right, you feel a lot of peace.
                                                                         -Taken from the book Designing Destiny
                                                                           Extracts from lectures given
                                                                           by Shri Kamlesh D Patel