Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Way of Love

" 'Give & Take'- We are leading loveless lives precisely because we have lost the capacity to love, inmost cases. In the rest of the cases we are afraid to love. Love is a Commitment." - Chariji

It is astonishing that ninety percent of the people i come across, adults,children,everybody have problems with the parents or parents with the children. Of course, problems between couples is almost total.why?Again because we are not able to love totally.We are not able to give our heart.we only give a part of ourselves.
         A rich man gets companions by the dozen. Suddenly one night,he loses his money and next morning he is penniless.Everybody is gone, he is deserted,where was this love? Was it in his purse? But that is all you wil get if what you are  using is only your wealth, or your beauty or your strength ,or your ability.They are all physical limitations.
       A child brings something with love, the parent rejects it.The child feels rejected. It carries the memory of that rejection throughout its life to the grave. That bond is broken , the parental-filial bond. What does it take to remake it?
        A moment of intimacy. Go to your father and sit with him and say " Dad  I'm sorry" and he's waiting ,you know. His eyes are flooded with tears,you're both in tears.You hug each other and the moment is  made, your future life is made.
                                       Excerpts from love and death
 by Parthasarthti Rajagopalachari